Case Studies

Case Studies—Real Results

The Egoscue technique has enormous success in helping people overcome their physical ailments. It is a technique that is attractive to many people because it is a common sense approach to the human body. The individual can see and feel the physical changes that take place as a result of their own efforts. It is not just the exercises that are selected, it is the position that they are performed in, the sequence of the exercises along with the consistency of the routine. The combination of all of this, creates permanent change in the body.

Case Study #1.

Stopping Back Pain through Alignment Therapy

Before and After

This client came to Pain Free Performance with significant upper back and neck pain. His symptoms increased with prolonged sitting, which was a requirement of his workday. Looking at his posture, his head was very forward, his upper back was quite rounded, his shoulders were rounded forward and his pelvis was forward the line of gravity (his hips were further forward than his shoulders).

After a thorough initial evaluation including health history, gait analysis, functional testing and postural photos, we decided what needed to happen in the body in order to mitigate his upper back and neck pain. The evaluation and testing gives us the information needed about which parts of the body are working as designed and which parts are imbalanced and not functioning correctly. This client had a hip disparity and weakness in his pelvis that prevented his pelvis from being able to line up with the ankle, knees and shoulders. Before we could begin to change the position of his upper back, neck and head we first had to correct the imbalances in his hips and then stabilize his pelvis. With the pelvis stronger and more in line with his ankles, knees and shoulders, we then encouraged the pelvis and upper back to work together as a unit so that he could sit without slouching and without pain.

As you can see, his posture changed dramatically and his neck and upper back pain were eliminated. By addressing the entire body and not just focusing on his symptoms, we restored his alignment and function so that the painful and tight muscles were able to relax.

Case Study #2

Back Pain Treatment

Before and After

This client came to Pain Free Performance having had low back pain for many years and most recently some severe foot pain. Previously he had been treated with medication, injections and physical therapy. He would receive some relief but his pain and symptoms soon returned. Over the years, he began to use a cane due to lack of balance and severity of pain.

Looking at his posture, his head was very forward, his upper, middle and lower back were very rounded. The gradual S-curve of his spine has disappeared into one big C. His pelvis had tilted back and he was very flexed in his knees.

After a thorough initial evaluation including health history, postural photos, gait analysis and functional testing, we discovered that he had some severe health problems in the recent past that would impact our choices of exercises. This evaluation and testing gives us the necessary information about how to proceed with even the most de-conditioned clients. This client had surgery a year before and since then had difficulty with balance and more and more trouble getting up and down.With this gentleman, we could address his overall weakness simultaneously with getting his deep pelvis muscles and trunk extensors on-line and working again. Once that was moving, we could begin to change the position of his upper and middle back to get him more upright.

Gradually, over the course of a few months, his body began to unlock and his freedom of movement was restored. He could get up and down even from the floor and his balance was greatly improved so he could leave his cane in the closet!

By restoring his postural alignment and function, his quality of life continues to improve and he is able to do the things he loves to do.