Why Am I in Pain?

This client came to Pain Free Performance with Low Back Pain.
You can see from this diagram that treatment that focuses on her symptoms alone
will not correct the real reason she hurts—musculoskeletal misalignments.

posture alignment therapy
Why Am I in Pain?

We know the human body develops through motion. Our bones, muscles and connective tissue respond to demand or work, which is the body’s response to gravity. It is what initiates the growth and maintenance of our tissues. The amount and quality of our movement as we grow directly effects the development of our musculoskeletal system.

We live in a world dependent upon modern transportation and technical gadgets to perform our tasks. Because of this we no longer develop and maintain proper muscle balance that naturally supports our skeletal system through the physical demands of our daily activities. For exercise we tend to concentrate on specific athletic endeavors rather than moving throughout our day like our ancestors did.

Due to our lack of movement, our musculoskeletal system creates compensations and we develop imbalances in our bodies. You can see evidence of this with each new generation. These changes to the original design lead to dysfunctions that alter the ability of the body to function correctly.

Our whole system is effected when the integrity of the structural or postural muscles are compromised. The curve in the back changes, the hips tilt forward and the whole body must compensate for the change of position. These misalignments lead to abnormal wear and tear in the joints and as time passes this will eventually lead to musculoskeletal breakdowns, injury and pain. Misalignments can also affect how the other systems of your body work, including your digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The human body is designed so that each system compliments another. The internal organs rely on proper alignment and movement of the musculoskeletal system to function efficiently. For example, if our upper back is rounded it can restrict the amount of oxygen we take in thus compromising our respiratory system. When the digestive system is compressed by the rib cage the way we metabolize food is slowed down. The body functions best when everything is aligned.

Our Postural Alignment Specialists certified by Egoscue University use a method that retrains the muscles of our bodies through a series of individually designed strengthening, stretching and repositioning exercises to treat postural misalignments. These exercises facilitate normal muscle function and interaction. When muscles function properly the body works efficiently and we move without pain and discomfort.