Lynn’s Story

Lynn’s Story and Testimonial

Watch this video of Lynn talking about what a difference Pain Free Performance has made to her quality of life.

back misalignment

Lynn’s Xrays after surgery

Lynn’s x-ray on the left shows her curved spine (scoliosis), which pulls and elevates her right hip, severely misaligning her entire body and creating horrible pain. You can see the evidence of surgery on the right  and although the hardware was inserted to keep the curve from getting worse, it cannot imitate the necessary S-curve that the spine should have and does not fix the issue of muscles on either side that are not working properly. That’s what we do at Pain Free Performance – retrain muscles to pull bones correctly to restore alignment and relieve pain.

Lynn also wrote us a note we’d like to share with you….

Dear Cindy, Mackie and Lisa, 

Just a little note to say how much I appreciate Pain Free Performance. Since my second surgery, I’ve been through some grueling as well as non-effective physical therapy. At last count, I’ve been to seven different facilities from Suffolk, to Fredricksburg to Richmond. Nothing has singularly helped my spinal issue like Pain Free Performance! For the very first time in a very, very long time I have hope…hope that my liver won’t fail from opiates; hope that every day of my life is not focused around my pain. I will tell (and have) everyone I know about you guys!  Cindy, thank you so much for working with me in May, Mackie, you are my new super hero and Lisa your great attitude sold me on Pain Free Performance before I ever stepped inside!  Y’all are awesome!

 Sincerely, Lynn C.