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What Other Clients Say About Pain Free Performance…

“Magical is the only word to describe how I feel. For the first time in years, my knee does not hurt – at all!!!!!!!!!!! When I get up in the middle of the night, I realized that I habitually held onto the dresser, a chair back, and limp my way to the bathroom. With my hand on the dresser, I stopped and realized I didn’t need to hold on. WOW!

Thank you for a truly pain free performance!”

All the best,

“In 2008, I heard about Pain Free Performance…I had been to numerous spine specialists and alternative medicine practitioners.  The medications that were prescribed helped to a degree, but none had been able to make me free of my severe sciatic pain or my very severe pain caused by Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) … For me, managing the pain meant planning each day’s activities carefully, so that I would not end up in bed for a day or two literally writhing in pain.

I decided to give…the Egoscue Method a try.  Each day, I faithfully do the exercises …prescribed for me; and I AM MORE THAN THRILLED WITH THE RESULTS!  Before Egoscue, I would have to leave UVA games at half-time because of the unbearable sciatic and or RSD pain.  Not anymore!  For the past two years I have been able to stay and enjoy the games with minimal discomfort.

I have very few down days and I can’t remember when I last spent a day in bed because of pain.  Not to be trite, but EGOSCUE …GAVE ME A NEW LEASE ON LIFE!”  –BH

“Knee replacement surgeries in October 2010 and again in October 2011 led me to the wonderful people at Pain Free Performance in early 2012.  The exercise programs developed specifically for me have greatly improved and strengthened my overall physical condition, knees, legs, feet and posture.  I no longer need to wear orthotics in my shoes and am walking and exercising “pain free”.  I greatly appreciate the individual attention and high degree of professionalism shown by the entire staff at Pain Free Performance.”  –RB

“I want to tell you how great I feel.  The truth is, I was in so much pain before I didn’t even care anymore. I didn’t think anything would help and I never dreamed my knee would get better. There is a sign in your office that says Health is Motion. Oh, how true that is.  I am aware of my body in a way I have never experienced. I still have a ways to go and I want the numbness to go away, but I can more.  \I have walked around in wonder at the fact that I can move, and mostly without pain!  I feel more stable, and oddly enough more graceful. Well, graceful has never been a term to describe me, but there is a fluidity of movement I can’t remember experiencing.”

“The most significant experience for me was realizing this was a “do it yourself” program of exercises to develop and improve body wellness.  All I can say is THANK YOU!”

Testimonial From Dr. Mark Drusin:

“NO SURGERY!”  That’s what I said to myself almost two years ago.  It was the middle of Spring 2007 and I was advised that I needed a hip implant after seeking consultation with an orthopedist.  Pain became a common part of my daily life.  What options did I have?

By sheer luck, while at a Barnes and Noble store somewhere in the Midwest, I happened to have been walking in the health section and noticed several books on pain treatment.  One book in particular caught my attention…Pain Free, by Peter Egoscue.

As a Podiatric Physician and surgeon, in practice for many years in the Bay Area of San Francisco, I recognize the effects of joint destruction such as wear and tear and overuse that often occurs with age or trauma.  The end result is usually pain, caused by bone on bone contact and wearing down of joint cartilage.  It’s not uncommon then to understand that pain becomes the symptom that influences the way we function both physically and psychologically.

After reading Pain Free, I thought this might be something to pursue as an alternative to surgery, even though my orthopedist said I would be back to have that hip implant.  Now, two years later, I am significantly better!  After following a treatment plan created by the team at Pain Free Performance, who utilize the Egoscue method, I am able to sleep without pain, walk and do my daily activities with minimal or no discomfort.  Most importantly, I don’t regularly take any of those anti-inflammatory medications which were only temporary relief.  In my experience, it is apparent that surgery doesn’t always have to be the first alternative.

OK, so what is the Egoscue method?  It is a methodology that evaluates the entire body biomechanics and, through gravity assisted exercise, rebalances the muscles to provide proper function thus reducing stress and wear and tear on the joints.  Does it work? Reduce pain?  Increase function and motion?  Simply, YES!