The knee is a hinge joint. It is designed to flex and extend, open and close and rotate ever so slightly. There is a lot going on above and below the knee that can wreak havoc on the knee. Our hips and ankles are more mobile than the knee in that they move in all directions- they can flex and extend but also abduct and adduct. When they lose that mobility function, the knee tries to take up the slack by pretending to be the mobile joint.  Not good.  So, if you are experiencing knee pain, chances are that the culprit is a dysfunction in the hip or ankle and that is what we unravel at Pain Free.  If we just treated the knee pain (ice, heat, ibuprofen….omg, surgery) then the real problem is still there. All we would have done is relieved the symptom, which given the chance will return.  At Pain Free Performance, we treat the underlying cause of your knee pain, which not only removes the symptom but sets you up for a Pain Free life.