Live Pain Free

Live Pain Free

When you come through our door at Pain Free Performance, we are going to focus on your posture.

How is that going to help your back pain or shoulder pain?  What does posture have to do with your back pain or shoulder pain?  EVERYTHING!!

Your body is a miraculous system that works as a unit and is all about balance. All of your joints-  ankles, knees, hips and shoulders- are designed to line up vertically, one over top of the other. They should also line up horizontally –level and at 90 degree angles to one another.  If there is any deviation from this when you stand, some muscles are over-working and others are under-working – you are out of balance.  At some point those muscles will let you know that something is wrong in the only way it can – pain.

Posture Alignment Therapy

Remember, the body is a unit and it works as a 3-dimensional balance system.   If one foot splays out more than the other, that could cause knee pain or hip pain or back pain.  If your hips are not level across your belt-line or one hip is closer to the mirror than the other, you could have back pain or knee pain or headaches. If your shoulders round forward or one is higher than the other, that may cause plantar fasciitus, hip pain or back pain.  Are you getting the picture?

Any deviation from the intended design of joints lining up as a balanced 3-D unit, can cause pain somewhere else in the body!

The Postural Alignment Specialists at Pain Free Performance will give you individualized exercises that create a new stimulus asking the muscles to begin to work differently in order to get you back in balance.  Your symptom is not the focus of our treatment, but it does give us clues about where and how we can start asking your musculoskeletal system to work differently to begin to bring your body back in balance and restore your posture.  We know that as your body gets back to that place of balance – symptoms and pain disappear.