About Us

What is Pain Free Performance?

We are a community of people who all share the same vision. Following our purpose—caring for people—alleviating pain. We are people of integrity, we’re smart, trained and experienced – you are in good hands—we know what we’re doing. When it comes to postural re-alignment therapy we are the real deal. Our Postural Alignment Specialists certified by Egoscue University, practice a sound, evidence-based approach that has been helping people get out of pain for over 42 years.

We believe in getting back to the basic design intended for the human body—your body. It’s not about a quick fix, it’s a journey to living pain free by restoring muscle balance. It’s not something that we do to you—there is some work involved , but it’s good work.

People come to us because they have heard from a friend or a health care provider that we really get to the why of what is hurting you. From the moment you walk through our door you will experience the difference in our approach to treatment. You will be greeted with a smile, compassion and understanding along with exceptional postural therapy. Our approach is very different…. in fact many things about us are different. We have made a conscious choice to resist the latest trends, current frenzied marketing approaches, credit cards and the traditional medical office experience. Yes, we are a professional pain management clinic. However, we are care-givers who will be spending a lot of time with you , focused on your body, your alignment, alleviating your pain—giving you the tools to get back to your life.

Our true purpose is to guide your body back to your original design. It’s not about orthotics, back braces, medications, injections or surgery. It’s about teaching you how to undo all that has happened in your body due to the world we live in. Sitting in the car for hours, or just sitting for hours, leaning over while we work, breaking a bone or two, that bad accident, inactivity, overuse—these things wreck havoc on that “original design”. All of these things have contributed to your pain. Our passion is to teach you how to re-educate your muscles to put your body back in alignment.

Our door is always open. Please feel free to stop by, get a tour, meet our staff and see what we are all about. We look forward to meeting you.

In Good Health,

Cindy, Lisa and Jess