As a business, we were looking for a way to make our holiday more meaningful by being involved in charitable giving right here in our own community. We wanted to find a group in true need that may not be under the umbrella of another holiday drive, and one of our favorite clients suggested we call her friend at Albemarle County Social Services. 

The answer we got from them was that teenage foster children from Albemarle County are often overlooked because of their age when it comes to holiday giving.  The social workers know these teens, their circumstances and these guys need our help!  We have a list of kids (initials, gender, and age) including their holiday wish lists.  We are not talking big ticket items…these are simple things that will help make a wonderful holiday for them.

Our goal is to mark all of these things off every list for every child.  This is how we plan to do it and we’d love, love, love for you to join in on this wonderful holiday experience!


RIGHT NOW, if you stop by the office, you will see our version of an angel tree – a teenangel tree to be exact!  It is beautiful, if we do say so ourselves – a small scraggly tree with sparkly ornaments – each one holding a short Christmas list of a foster teen.

 Please come by when you are in the neighborhood or if you’re in for your appointment, take an ornament or two and cross off the items on the list by doing a little shopping for a teen!  Drop off the gifts here and Social Services will pick them up from us on Friday, December 14th to make sure the children in need receive them by Christmas!    

 2.        DAY OF GIVING

WHAT:     Day of Giving Gift Exchange for Foster Teens!! 


WHERE:   Pain Free Performance ,  3054 Berkmar Drive, Charlottesville, VA  22901

TIME:       10:00 am to 4:00 pm


WE GIVE YOU:  We have ten practitioners who represent many kinds of body work who are giving their time on this day to provide abbreviated treatments at no charge to participants (you!).  Treatments are:  chiropractic, pilates, massage therapy, structural integration, Byron Katie work, Egoscue, personal training, acupuncture, network spinal analysis and more!

 YOU GIVE THE TEENS:  You may choose as many therapies as you’d like to experience  in exchange for bringing one $50.00 gift card for a foster teen!  One $50.00 gift card gets you all the treatments you want!  You will sign up for treatments when you come in that day.

Please call or email Pain Free to let us know you can attend!  But if you forget, come on over anyway!

We feel so fortunate for this connection with the amazing people who work with these great kids through Albemarle County Social Services!  It’s so special to have a charitable focus for holiday giving in our own community. Please help us and the other generous therapists make holiday wishes come true for these teens. 


Cindy, Lisa, Mackie and Kat